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Started Birds (6 & 7 Weeks Old and RTL)

If you lack the facilities to raise chicks from dayold, or simply want the security or convenience of starting with older birds, we offer layer breeds of chickens as started birds.

Price Lists are available at the feed store or from our office.

Please see the Price List for minimum orders per breed and age.

Ready to Lay, Red Sex Link (RTL)
The Red Sex-Link is the best layer and the one most grown for ready to lay pullets. She will produce the most eggs for the least amount of feed. They are well suited for small farmers or hobbyists who allow the pullets/hens to free range.
Ready to Lay -Barred Rock/Black sexlink/Columbian Rock/RedX

For customers who are not concerned with maximum egg production and would like a colourful variety of breeds for your small flock.

Please note: a minimum of 6 birds must be ordered for delivery.

These breeds mature and start laying 2-3 weeks later than the Red sexlink.

Remember to review the Basic Considerations for Managing Ready-to-Lay Pullets.

Beak Trimming

Day old chicks can be beak trimmed on request. We do not recommend beak trimming White Rock chicks due to their rapid growth and shorter life span. We cannot assume responsibility if higher mortality (starve-outs) is experienced with beak-trimmed chicks.

We do not beak trim turkeys, ducks or pheasants.

Started and Ready to Lay are infrared laser beak treated at dayold to prevent picking and egg breakage. Beak treatment still allows the hens to “scratch” feed or range

Vitamins (Available at Feed Stores)

Antibiotic and vitamin packs are helpful to get baby chicks and turkeys off to a good start. Remember that you have high brooding temperatures, manure and water (spillage)... the perfect envinronment for bacteria and mold to grow! One package treats 40 gallons of water.

Multi-vitamin packs are helpful to chickens and turkeys experiencing stress such as high outdoor temperatures, large temperature fluxuations, poor air quality, (when trying to maintain proper temperature inside the pen or wet litter causing ammonia) and nutrient deficiencies (when poultry are allowed to forage/free range they may develop a nutritional imbalance). One package treats 50 gallons of water.


We offer several books that are useful to the backyard poultry grower. Books may be ordered through your feed store or directly from Frey’s. Please contact us for details and prices.

“Storey’s Guide to Raising Poultry” by Leonard S. Mercia: 352 pages packed with information on raising poultry, including chickens, turkeys, waterfowl and game birds. A comprehensive, all-purpose book.

“A Guide to Raising Chickens” by Gail Damerow: 341 pages providing complete information on raising chickens from day old to maturity.

“The Chicken Health Handbook” by Gail Damerow: 344 pages covering the problems and diseases common to chickens of all breeds and all ages.

“Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks” by Dave Holderread: 316 pages covering rearing ducklings, managing adults,
health problems, butchering and more.

“Storey’s Guide to Raising Turkeys” by Leonard S. Mercia: 208 pages dealing with caring for poults, managing older birds, flock health, processing and much more.

Hatching Eggs
Hatching eggs can be purchased through feed stores or pickup at the hatchery only. Freys will choose a brown egg layer breed depending on availability at the time. No requests for specific breeds allowed.