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Air Cargo

We ship via Air Cargo to any destination in Canada capable of handling day old chicks.

Ordering Through Frey’s Hatchery Office

Call the order to Frey’s Hatchery if you want to pick up the birds at the hatchery or you want to arrange an air cargo shipment.

FULL payment for chicks and freight is required 4 weeks prior to shipment.

For Air Cargo orders: To assist you in determining optimum quantities, each section or corner of our chick boxes is designed to hold 30 pheasants, 25 chicks, 20 turkeys, or 14 ducks. We have minimums so that you order enough birds to ensure that they will be able to keep each other warm during shipping. Chicks are FOB Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

Air Cargo orders cannot be guaranteed by Frey’s and are at the customer’s own risk.

Airlines take no responsibility for losses.

For prices of birds, consult the current price list available from your feed store or pick-up pricing from Frey’s Hatchery.

Box Sizes and Quantities

We have 3 standard box sizes and 1 mini box for 10 chicks or less. The standard boxes are divided into corners or sections as follows:

• Large (4 sections)

• Medium (2 sections)

• Small (1 section)

• Mini (10 chicks)

Each section can hold 25 chicks or 20 turkeys or 30 pheasants or 14 ducks.

If the weather should get too hot we reduce the chicks per corner to 20. These are the optimal amounts to keep the chicks comfortable in transit.



Day old chicks can be shipped by air every other Tuesday April-July, August and September.

If you order chicks to be shipped via air, chicks and freight must be paid for in full at least 4 weeks prior to the shipping date.

Frey’s Hatchery will book the flights with Air Canada cargo, depending on flight times available. Call the hatchery to get an approximate quote on shipping costs. Chicks depart from Toronto. Please see the chart below for box dimensions and weight.

Order Size (# of Chicks )

47 x 28 x 18

56 x 47 x 18

Box Dimensions (cm)

50 or Less

51 to 100

Box Weight (kg)



Airlines charge by box dimension weight which is 2 x the above weights.

Please Note: Due to Transport Canada security screening procedures there is an additional fee included in air freight to cover the cost.

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