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White Rocks Dying or Not Thriving

  • Check temperature – Too hot? Too cold?

  • Check air quality (ventilation and oxygen levels)

  • Check bird density – Are birds overcrowded?

  • Check feeder and waterer space – Does every bird have equal and ample access?

  • Check growth rate – Are birds growing too quickly?

  • Check sodium (salt) levels in feed and water – too much salt can cause Ascities

  • Check water quality

  • Parasites, Worms

Pullets not Laying/Pecking Each Other

  • Check light – both hours per day and intensity

  • Check maturity – Was there a setback during the growing period that has delayed maturity?

  • Check feed – Protein levels too low? Overfeeding scratch or table scraps?

  • Add a vitamin supplement to drinking water

  • Check for overcrowding

  • Check for other stressors – poor ventilation, frights from other animals, disease, parasites, extreme temperatures

  • Whip worm (internal parasite)

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